Policy on 5s Activities Institute for Health Sciences

Institute for Health Sciences Walailak University It is the intention of the management and personnel at all levels in the Institute of Health Sciences. To participate in the improvement of the working environment in order to achieve good working conditions, together with the improvement of the safety performance of the work. Therefore, it is appropriate to bring the 5s activities to use in the operation of the research institute. Health Sciences The policy is as follows.

1. The Health Sciences Research Institute is committed to promoting and supporting the management and staff at all levels in the Institute of Health Sciences. To learn and recognize the importance of implementing 5s activities to develop a responsible system to be effective and effective continuously and seriously.

2. The management and head of all parties. It is a leader in supporting and guiding the 5S activities. They are monitored closely and counseled to solve problems closely. It is one of the important tasks of the organization to achieve the goals set.

3. Establishment of 5s. To be responsible for the management of the internal 5s activities to be effective.


 Asst.Prof.Dr. Phanit Koomhin
Acting Director of The Institute for Health Sciences


 Committee 5s on Research Institute for Health Sciences 

Asst.Prof.Dr. Phanit Koomhin President
Miss Sudarat Changrong Agent Central/ Committee
Miss Suganya Suwanpan Chief Area/ Committee 
Miss Rungruedi Kimseng Committee
Miss Nattawan Chadakarn Committee
Miss Wasinee Poonsawat Committee

This is a guide for Health Research Institute staff. To improve the working environment to be clean. Tidy And more secure. Everyone is involved in helping to maintain and improve the quality of work, to have higher standards, better consciousness to work with others, and to improve the accuracy of work. Using 5s Activities What to Expect from 5s Activities of Health Research Institute Personnel Are as follows

  • Clearly organize the work area clean, convenient and more space.
  • Quick search And store it after use.
  • All levels of staff have created discipline for themselves and their organizations.
  • Team work And everyone is involved. Reduce accidents in agencies. More secure
  • The process and procedures in performing the task effectively. It is convenient to work.
  • There is a common practice system


Scope of Activities 5s

  • 2016-2018 :  Starts 5s activities in office space. And the central area of the Institute of Health Sciences, 1st floor.
  • 2019-2021 :  5s activities in office space And the public areas of the Institute of Health Sciences, 1st floor, as well as
                        the 2nd floor, 3rd floor

Responsible area

Area Responsible Person
Office Miss Suganya Suwanpan
Director's Room Asst.Prof.Dr. Phanit Koomhin
Meeting Room 102 Miss Rungruedi Kimseng
Office of the Ethics Committee for Human Research Miss Sudarat Changrong
Document preparation area/Board Miss Nattawan Chadakarn
Bathroom / Maid room / Drinking water dispenser Miss Wasinee Poonsawat

Before the event After activity
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