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Green ComMittee

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Udomsak Saengow
Director of RIHS
Rungruedee Kimseng
Head of Energy & Environment Conservation Team
Nattawan Kumanee
Water, Electricity, and Resource Efficiency Management
Wasinee Poonsawat
Waste Disposal & Emergency Management

SI-1 : Setting & Infrastructure

Research Institute for Health Sciences, 222 Thai Buri, The Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80161, Thailand



Lab Animal Facility

Water Management

RIHS promotes Water save campaign by creating banners: "Close the Water Tap After Use."

WR4: Water Conservation Project

WR5: Water Recycle Project

WR6: Using Water Efficient Devices

Energy & Climate Change

The following practices are implemented to save energy.

EC-1: Energy Efficient Appliances & Devices

EC-2: Electricity Use Record in 2018

There was no detail that the institute is in charge of.

EC-4: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Reforestation campaign as a tribute to the king Maha Vajiralongkorn and Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn, held on Phra Srisavangavadhana's birthday anniversary. Altogether we planted 20 iron wood trees in total.

EC-5: Energy Conservation

RIHS acknowledged the importance of the environmental issues. Promoting Walailak University to be a green campus, the following practices are applied to the implementation of environment management policy.

Raise awareness among the clients and staff of how human’s activities affect the environment.

Support the staff and clients to keep the areas tidy, sanitary, and environmentally friendly.

Implement the reduction of resource use and energy saving measures.

Promote waste separation: the waste disposal follows the international standards

Abstinence Reduction: stop using plastic material and Styrofoam package

Promote eco-friendly goods and services.

Waste disposal follows the Safety and Health System Guidelines.

Expand green space which brings about happiness at work.

The implementation follows the law and orders issued in Green Campus policies.

Waste Management:

RIHS is in charge of the waste management policies as described below.

WS1: Reuse & Recycle

WS1: Substitute Online Office Platforms for Paper Use

WS1: Promote using eco-friendly alternatives for plastic

WS2: Waste Separation System


TR-1: Bicycle

TR-2: Car Sharing

Car Sharing is not only enerygy-saving, but also budget saving.

TR-2 Using the University Transportation System

TR-2 Using the University Transportation System